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13,000 troops English and 4,000 Anglo-Portuguese, participated in the siege of Cadiz from 1810 to 1812 (two years), compared to 60,000 French. Thanks to Antonio Pereira Pacheco Prints, come to us uniformology of troops gathered there in the last bastion of English territory.

Distinguished Volunteer Line : red jacket with flap and neck turns green, tight trousers, black shoes and launch, white belts and hat with silver capes and feather duster, black tie and sable.
Urban Militia : Short Jacket and pants set turns blue and red neck flap. Black tie, buttoned yellow. Round hat with wool duster, belt and white spats.
Light Infantry : Jacket and pants set of brown cloth with back and neck scarlet. White hat with red and green feather duster. Strap white, sable and low gaiters.

Gunners volunteers : Short Jacket turns blue, scarlet neck flap. Tight blue pants black leggings tall, round hat.

Cavalry : button engraved with the name of the King. Turquoise blue short jacket, white tab to buttoning a shirt, turtleneck crimson with a yellow lion embroidered on the troops and officers gold thread. Jacket with yellow sleeves and pouches, with two rows of buttons. Turquoise blue pants, bright crimson, with buttons from top to bottom. Capote turquoise neck crimson with sobremangas to meet them. Cocked hat with wire gallon for the troops and gold lace for officers, galoncillo in the clip, cockade and feather duster. Tapafunda Mantilla and turquoise. Whole boots, baggy knee . The trumpets take the short red jacket.

Symbols of Uniforms
The symbolism of these soldiers and officers remained the same as for other troops who were outside the city of Cadiz.
- Flor de Lis: Infantry Rifles.
- Granada: Grenadier infantry.
- Horn Hunters infantry.
- Castillito Engineers.
- León, line and light cavalry.
- Sable Palm: Hussars.
- sprig of Laurel Sable: Dragons.

Prints Antonio Pacheco Pereira. Municipal Library of Santa Cruz de Tenerife


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